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A Very Jolly Who Done It -- Marly Mathews
A Very Jolly Who Done It

The Curse of Felsham Hall -- Marly Mathews
The Curse of Felsham Hall




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Reckless Bounty
By Marly Mathews
Book One in the Intergalactic Justice Series 

Samantha Cassidy is a woman on a mission--Tyler Cassidy is that mission.

Please Note: This book has been previously published. It has been extensively revised for this publication. This book is NOT a sweet romance, it does have explicit love scenes. Readers: Please read the 2015 Kindle Publication, not the Print 2010 publication. Thank you. 

Samantha Cassidy is a woman on a mission--Tyler Cassidy is that mission. 

Samantha Cassidy has her own unique sense of justice as an intergalactic bounty hunter. She's a psychic in denial with powers that sometimes have a way of emerging without her permission. 

When she learns that her estranged husband is about to hang for a crime she is convinced he didn't commit she races to save him before it's too late. 

The problem? Her old lover, Lord Devlin wants to see Tyler hang as he believes he’s guilty of the crime. Now she just has to figure out how she’ll clear Tyler’s name without falling back in love with Lord Devlin. Easy right? Wrong, since she’s never fallen out of love with him.

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