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A Very Jolly Who Done It -- Marly Mathews
A Very Jolly Who Done It

The Curse of Felsham Hall -- Marly Mathews
The Curse of Felsham Hall




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His Christmas Nymph

His Christmas Nymph
Holiday Regency Romance

Miss Caroline Griffiths is absolutely miserable. She wants a Christmas like the ones she enjoyed as a child. Except she's twenty-four years old and the life she enjoyed as a child no longer exists for her. Her mother has died and her two brothers were killed in the wars against Napoleon.

Her father has married a shrew who only wants to see her married to a man who smells like a pig, and her best friend is set to marry a Naval Officer in the the spring and she fears she will never see her again.

Her father spends his days holed up in his office and rarely comes out because he can't even stand the woman he's married. And then one day, everything changes. 

She goes to her favourite reading spot on the sprawling estate of Whitney Park and sits on the bench in the Greek Temple Folly. While there, Edward Rochester, The Duke of Whitney spies her and believes that he has seen his very own Christmas Nymph.

He goes out to introduce himself to her and before he knows it he's proposing to her--knowing only one thing--his Christmas will not be happy unless he's married the woman who has besotted him--Caroline, his Christmas Nymph. 

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