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A Very Jolly Who Done It -- Marly Mathews
A Very Jolly Who Done It

The Curse of Felsham Hall -- Marly Mathews
The Curse of Felsham Hall




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His Irish Lass -- Marley Mathews

His Irish Lass

Miss Euphemia ‘Effie’ Duffy has had enough bad luck to last her a lifetime. Believing that she is destined never to find her happily ever after…she gives up on love. Her life is turned upside down when a matchmaking mischievous leprechaun enters it and decides to endow her with some good old fashioned Irish luck.

With the luck of the Irish finally on her side, love comes back into her life in the form of two English lords vying for her hand, and Effie finds that second chances actually do exist—and that with a little bit of magic, true love can mend a broken heart. 

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