A Very Jolly Who Done It -- Marly Mathews
A Very Jolly Who Done It

The Curse of Felsham Hall -- Marly Mathews
The Curse of Felsham Hall




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By Marly Mathews
Futuristic Paranormal Romance
Full Novel, Faery Rose Line
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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The world has changed. Ten years ago, Earth nearly crumbled beneath the might of an intergalactic War. Their Enemy fought them with their destructive psychokinetic powers. Only a band of extraordinary humans stood in their path. They were known as the Gemini Order. Led by Shylah McKay, they saved Earth from ruination.

Now, Shylah McKay and her kind are being persecuted for the very talents that saved Earth. But Shylah's a mover and a shaker, and with her lover Grayson by her side, she'll go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fight for her people.


I'm excited to announce that Do or Die is now available to buy in print! So, if you were waiting to get your hands on a paperback copy you don't have to wait any longer!!! Here's the buy links for:
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by Marly Mathews
Release date: Aug 2008
Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Full Novel
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Annabelle Hawthorne-Morton is a beauty with a mysterious past—Lord Malachi Hawthorne is the beast that will touch her heart—she will heal his tortured soul and he will bring the light back into her dark world.

Annabelle Hawthorne Morton hails from an ancient mystical line—even though she herself has not been endowed with the mark of magic that the magic-kind of Thaliana are born with. Despite this, she aspires for magical greatness, and while performing a spell the enchantment backfires in her face, robbing her of half her sight. But it doesn't take her long to realize that within a few months she will be completely blind. When her father enrages the local lord and he's imprisoned for his crimes, Annabelle must muster her courage and save her father from the beast's wrath.

Lord Malachi Hawthorne, Earl of Markham has been horribly disfigured during a magical battle. His sister betrayed him—and now her curse has put him into his own living hell. Believing that the outside world will revile him for his monstrous appearance, he retreats to his enchanted castle. He is determined to make Annabelle's father his indentured servant, until he meets Annabelle. He quickly decides that she is the one that might finally set him free from his living hell, and knows he must have her as his own.



by Marly Mathews
Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Novel length
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

A relationship between a dragon shifter and a wizard was unheard of—and certainly frowned upon. Yet, Grania found Dylan nearly irresistible, feared, knew, if he ever touched her she’d never be able to control the mating fire.

With Dragonia torn by civil war and the rebels winning the fight, it was only a matter of time before the dragon shifters focused on earth in their determination to take back what mankind had taken from them centuries before. The wizard Dylan Lightfoot was their only hope, the only one capable of conjuring the spell they needed to defeat the rebels, and it was Grania’s duty to defend him at whatever cost.

She hadn’t suspected what it would cost her, though, would never have believed she would find her soul mate to be a wizard, not one of her kind.

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Paranormal Romance)
By Marly Mathews
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

He's a spy for the British Crown…she's a woman desperate for revenge—together their love will save the British Empire and make them both believe in second chances. .

The Witch is Lady Arabella De Maurier. She's a woman with French, Scots, and English blood running through her veins. Her entire world was shattered in an instant when she was a child. French Revolutionaries took her mother and father away. Now, she's determined to claim her revenge against the ones that murdered her parents.

The Wolf is Lord Christopher Andrews. He's a spy for the English Crown. But when he's sent to retrieve the most valuable woman in all of France, he soon finds out he's met his match.

The Witch and The Wolf soon find they share an unbridled passion, but will they be able to conquer the dangerous foe that threatens England and live to see another day?

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Futuristic Novella
By Marly Mathews
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Aries D'Halen is an Outlander from the far reaches of Space, Freya Kirkland is a defeated war-hero—together their passion will ignite a new hope for the future.

Doorway to the Stars, tour guide, Freya Kirkland is a veteran of the last great war that was waged across Earth and its many planets that it has colonized. The new government has been in power for ten years now, and Freya is still struggling to come to terms with the strange new world Earth has become. Thrust back into an archaic age where slavery and other barbaric practices are now in use, she must fight just to get through another day.

Rumors of Outlanders that have infiltrated the star traveling system starts to run rampant throughout Earth's many media outlets. Knowing that she must continue her job as a tour guide, she knowingly places herself in danger just so she can continue to earn her much needed paycheck. Her world is turned upside down when she meets Gaian Warrior, Aries D'Halen. Will their love be able to mend a broken world, and lead her people and his people into a bright future for all?

Read an excerpt here.