I hate writing about myself, but since this is the about me section, Iíll give it a shot. Iíve been a storyteller since I first started talking. Which by the way was at a very early age. Some people would say I havenít stopped since, but those people shall remain nameless. However, I found my true calling when I first put pen to paper. I started crafting never ending stories of princessís in distress, and the gallant knights that would slay that fire breathing dragon. And, yes, those stories always had a happily ever after, with the hero riding away into the sunset with his beautiful heroine.

As I got older, I started crafting stories that had a definite science fiction and or paranormal/fantasy theme to them. Yet they always contained an element of romance. What can I say; love does make the world go round. At the same time, I let my poetic voice take the stage, as I forayed into the realm of being a poet.

Over the years, my writing and my heroines and heroes have evolved. And yes, Iíve become a serious romance writer that is very dedicated to her craft. Now my heroines can give the heroes a run for their money. But no matter what my heroes are always alphas and my heroineís usually are quite determined and resilient. These women are definitely no shrinking violets. But never fear, they always have hearts of gold. So do my heroes no matter how tough they seem on the exterior.

The romances I write range from historical, paranormal, fantasy, futuristic and contemporary. As long as I can put a pen to paper, or let my fingers dance over my keyboard, Iíll have many worlds to visit. My only hope is that my readers will enjoy that voyage as much as I have.

And remember in the world of romance, good always triumphs over evil; the hero always wins the heroineís heart, and love can and will always save the day.

God bless,


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