His Michaelmas Mistress
His Michaelmas Mistress

The Dutchess and the Spy
The Duchess and the Spy

His Scandalous Lday
His Scandalous Lady

His to Hold -- Marly Mathews
His to Hold






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His Michaelmas Mistress  -- Marley Mathews

His Michaelmas Mistress

A lost son…and a desperate bride…. 

Frederick ‘Mouse’ Merriweather, Baron Axbridge was raised in the slums of London, England. Seeking to better himself, he enlisted in the Army as a callow youth, and saw action in the Napoleonic Wars. Recruited to be a member of Colonel Elliot’s specialized group, The Angels of Death, he forged friendships with those men that would never die, and was ennobled as a reward for completing a daring rescue mission. When he fell in love with Lady Julia Lovett, he thought he finally had everything he wanted in life—until the man she’d loved so many years before walked into the church and objected to their wedding. 

Lady Julia Lovett’s heart belongs to Freddie. But no matter how much she tries to convince Freddie that the man she once loved, Lord Charles Tempest means nothing to her now, he won’t believe her, as he doesn’t think a gutter rat like him is good enough for a noblewoman like her. So, there’s only one thing left for Julia to do…she will risk all to prove her love to Freddie—even if it means ruining her reputation. 

Secrets are about to be exposed concerning Freddie’s past—and Julia and Freddie will find that as long as they are together, they can face anything. 

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His Scandalous Lady -- Marley Mathews



A lady tempting scandal, and the man she’d risk everything for—even her reputation. 

Miss Iris Lovett is used to getting what she wants. After her sister Rose is married to her true love, Captain Micah Radcliff, Iris decides that she too wants her own happily ever after, the only problem? The man she desires seems oblivious to her existence. 

Major Lewis Abbott, Marquess of Cary, known to his mates as ‘Doc,’ has loved and lost far too much in his life. A doctor with the healing touch, he believes he is cursed when it comes to the women in his life, as he never seems to be able to save the women he loves. 

Iris is about to cause a scandal…a scandal that will throw them both together—for better or for worse.

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