His Belatane Bride -- Marly Mathews
His Beltane Bride

Reckless Bounty
Reckless Bounty

The Haunting of Lady Sophie
The Haunting of Lady Sophie






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His Valentine Princess  -- Marley Mathews

His Beltane Bride

Colonel Gideon Elliot is a battle hardened soldier. He’s returned to England from India where he made his fortune. The son of a Vicar, his Uncle was the 4th Duke of Kenilworth and now, he’s inherited his Uncle’s title. He feels like a fish out of water within the ranks of the ton, and through his long friendship with the Duke of Daventry, he finds the woman of his dreams—Virginia ‘Ginny’ Larkin, Dowager Viscountess Beverley. 

Widowed at a young age, Ginny Larkin finds herself a pariah within the ton. Touched by scandal through her dead husband who lost everything they had because of his addiction to Hazard, she is slowly coming out of her period of mourning. 

Believed to be barren, the ladies within the ton have warned their sons against offering for her hand. Her future looks bleak until Gideon comes into her life. With the support of her family the irrepressible Deville Family, she puts the shadows of the past to rest and takes another chance on love. 

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by Marly Mathews
Fantasy Paranormal Romance

A relationship between a dragon shifter and a wizard was unheard of—and certainly frowned upon. Yet, Grania found William nearly irresistible, feared, knew, if he ever touched her she’d never be able to control the mating fire.

With Dragonia torn by civil war and the rebels winning the fight, it was only a matter of time before the dragon shifters focused on earth in their determination to take back what mankind had taken from them centuries before. The wizard William Lightfoot was their only hope, the only one capable of conjuring the spell they needed to defeat the rebels, and it was Grania’s duty to defend him at whatever cost.

She hadn’t suspected what it would cost her, though, would never have believed she would find her soul mate to be a wizard, not one of her kind.

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